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Getting involved

The Museum and Library welcome volunteers who wish to help with our many activities both in front of and behind the scenes. The most important thing is a willingness to help out. All sorts of volunteers are needed for a wide variety of jobs, to help curators in cleaning objects or cases, assist with school parties, helping distribute publicity leaflets, re-display and/or cataloguing of objects or books. There are also opportunities for those with specialist skills (e.g. joinery, artistic design, setting up exhibitions) or who wish to take a leading role : we are often short of key officers. With the exception of our registrar and the custodians behind the admissions desk we are all unpaid volunteers.

We ask volunteers to join our parent organisation, The Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society. Some people are put off by the name of the Society but its approximate membership of 750 persons come from a very wide variety of backgrounds and few would claim to be of a literary or philosophical (i.e. natural philosophy which is an old-fashioned term for science) nature. See the 'About us' on the side menu for further details of the Society.

What are the advantages of volunteering ? Firstly it is an opportunity to socialise with other people with similar interests, secondly it gives the satisfaction of helping to preserve and develop an outstanding Museum, it is possible to learn new skills and for anyone temporarily out of a job it can give added weight to a CV as well as providing a change of scene.

If you are interested do come and talk to our current volunteers, to our schools officer, to our keeper (who looks after the Museum) or to our librarian (who looks after both the library and archives). Some volunteers regularly do a couple of hours or even half-day a week, others are more irregular and some 'get the bug' and can be found here on an almost daily basis! By the way we are very badly in need of someone to help with publicity.