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   Souvenir Guide to Whitby Museum                                            £2.00
   Whitby Museum Teachers' Pack
      (p&p £3.50 extra)                                                       £6.50
   The Streets of Whitby and their Associations   Hugh Kendall                £0.50
   Whitby                                         Ros Barker                  £9.95
   A Walk around Whitby                           Harold Brown                £3.00
   Whitby Timeline (Concise version)              Alan Appleton               £9.00
   Whitby Timeline                                Alan Appleton              £14.00
   Historic Maps of Whitby (folder)                                           £5.00
   Prints of Old Whitby                           A F Humble                  £1.00
   Second Selection (Photos of Whitby)            Des Sythes                 £12.99
   Pannett Park, a lasting legacy                 Anne Dennier                £4.95

   Coloured Pictorial Map of the Whitby
      District (28"x34")                          G Leach                     £1.00
   Abbeyland Walks                                John Eckersley
                                                     & Roger Pickles          £7.99
   The Crosses of the North Yorkshire Moors       T H Woodwark                £0.50
   Lime Roads of the Whitby District              R F Moore                   £0.50
   A Little about Littlebeck                      Monica Ventress             £9.95
   The Dinosaur Coast                             Roger Osborne               £5.00
   Floating Egg                                   Roger Osborne              £16.99
   Rocks & Landscape of the North York Moors                                  £5.00
   Star Carr - Life in /Britain after the Ice Age                            £13.00

   Robert Elliott Pannett                         G E Gunner                  £2.00
   Canon George Austin remembered                 Peter Rossdale              £6.50
   Scoresby, Father & Son                         Cordelia Stamp              £2.50
   Captain William Scoresby                       Colin Preston               £1.00
   Scoresby journals Vol. 2                                                  £45.00
   Scoresby journals Vol. 3                                                  £50.00
   The Bark Endeavour                             John Tindale                £0.50
   Illustrated Plan of HMS Endeavour                                             25p
   Muster Rolls of the Ships in
      which Captain Cook Saile                                                £2.50
   Ross, Photographer, Whitby                     Colin Bullamore             £9.50
   Guide to Geology (reprint by Walmsley Society)                             £3.50
   Pocket guide to fossils                                                    £1.50
   Dinosaurs (Collins)                                                        £3.99
   Dinosaurs of the British Isles                 Dean R Lomax &
                                                  Nobumichi Tamura           £33.00
   Fossils of the Whitby Coast                    Dean R-Lomax               £15.00
   Childrens Guide to Fossils                                                 £1.50
   Whitby Jet                                     Helen & Katy Muller         £5.99
   The Story of Whitby Jet                        Hugh Kendall                £0.50
   Textile History of Whitby                      Viveka Hansen              £29.99
   (Click on Textile History of Whitby for more information)
   Samplers                                       Rebecca Smith              £12.99
   Heritage Coast - Alum/Jet/Ironstone                                        £0.50
   North Yorkshire Paintings                                                 £20.00

   Sampler charts                                            see charts for details

   CDs  Cabinet of Curiosities                                                £8.99
        Victorian/Edwardian Rural Life & Family                               £7.50
        Fishing from Whitby                                                   £7.50
        Samplers                                                              £7.50

   DVD  Danby Court Leet                                                      £8.50
        History of Whitby                         Bay Videos                  £5.00

          There is a 10% discount on all SOCIETY booklets available to paid-up
                 members of the Whitby Literary and Philosophical Society.